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TCL Rewards Program

Closet Points

  • Earn 100 Closet Points when you create an Account
  • Earn 2 Closet Points for every $1 you spend in our store

Referral Program

  • Earn 250 Closet Points for every time you refer a friend who spends over $50
  • Your friend will earn a 15% off coupon when shopping with your exclusive referral code

Birthday Reward

  • Earn 200 Closet Points on your birthday
  • To earn a reward this year, make sure to enter a date at least one month before your birthday.

Closet Points Redemption

  • $10 off for 500 Closet Points
  • $15 off for 750 Closet Points
  • $25 off for 1000 Closet Points

**Rewards Program Terms and Conditions**:

  • You must sign up an account in order to participate our Rewards Program
  • Our Rewards Program's default currency is USD
  • Closet Points will expire after 6 months of inactivity
  • All orders with closet points redemption are not applicable for returns and exchange, or any other discounts
  • Please note that your referred friends must make a purchase over $50 in order for you to earn Closet Points listed above.
  • The Closet Laboratory reserves the rights to amend the terms from time to time without prior notice.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions in regards to The Closet Laboratory Rewards Program.

Why not have some fun while shopping with us!? Join our Rewards Program today and start earning Closet Points by clicking “Earn Closet Points!” on lower right hand corner of our website!

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